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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 18, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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and still two days away but authorities learn that the potentially dangerousways are moving in now. good evening. it's friday january 18th. this is bay area news at 7:00. a wild scene this afternoon outside a san jose courthouse where supporters in the case of vigilante justice crashed with relatives of a shooting victim. >> family and friends of the 26 year old streamed out of the courthouse this afternoon after showing up to support the second degree murder suspect. they were being taunted by the family of 36 year old christopher, the man killed on december 31st in san jose in what police describe was a
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citizen's arrest gone wrong. >> i'm the widow of five kids now. >> hey, hey. police. -- [indiscernible] -- >> his family told us they're upset hernandez is being portrayed as a hero seen here in a previous court appearance. he was called to the apartment complex by a supervisor that suspected he had previously burglarized cars on the property. the men confronted him and that's when he shot him with an illegally bought gun. >> he killed a man, a father of five children. took my son away from me. how can they say he's a hero. >> an online petition asking for leniency for hernandez rehe received more than 500 signatures and he's getting several letters of support. they wonder what he was supposed to do in a city with a dwindling fire department and rising crime. >> everybody feels that they're
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not secure and what is going to happen to them. it speaks to them directly. it could be their son on either side. >> prosecutor told me today's plea hearing was delayed because the investigation is still on going. hernandez's next court appearance is scheduled for february 15th. a judge today sentenced a richmonday man to death for gunning down an exgirlfriend and her friend at the toll plaza. they were convicted for the shootings in august of 2009. he first acted as his own attorney and freely admitted his guilt. relatives of the victim addressed him in court today calling him a remorsely coward. >> new information that ivory madison and her husband filed a lawsuit in san francisco superior court against the sheriff and his wife for defamation of character. madison is the neighbor who video taped a tearful lopez talking about a bruise on her
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arm she sustained after an argument with her husband. the sheriff was suspended after the incident but has since been reinstated. >> new at 7:00 it seems like all the talk these days. well-known people caught up in a web of lice but is deceit part of our country? kara, what have you learned about lance armstrong's lies and lying in general. well, cycling fans aren't nearly the only ones following the lance armstrong story closely as he admitted to oprah this week that he lied. >> in all 7 of your victories did you ever take banned substances or blood dope. >> yes. >> lance armstrong lied for years about doping. an elaborate scheme involving the dead girlfriend of a moe tremendous dame football star also a lie although we're still learn hag role manti te'o played in the hoax. >> we all engage in some degree
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of lying in order to get along. >> the professor says lying is part of the human condition and people lie for different reasons. in armstrong's case. >> it's classic what we would call antisocial personality and antisocial behavior and personality behavior. if it is in my advantage to lie, i'll do so. >> in the story still unfolding. >> seems like a different motivation for potential deception and that seems to be more of saving face. >> we also ask some of you what motivates people to lie? >> there's a lot to be gained from lying, especially lance armstrong. >> being a cyclist myself i think he is a big enough victim just like, you know, the rest of the cycling world. >> i would lie if i was scared. >> perhaps there's one lie told and more lies goes on top of it and pretty soon you have a big
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mess and how do you go back. >> as for what the oprah interview might accomplish, the professor says it's hard to imagine most people will want to give armstrong a second chance given all the carnage along the way. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a high surf advisory is in effect for the entire bay area coast. waves could be as high as 8 feet to 10 feet this weekend. it just takes one rogue wave with strong rip currents and cold water to spell disaster. new years day a richmonday man was swept to his death when he tried to rescue his dog. >> people walking dogs on beaches. people walking with their children. you just can't let your guard down. >> the high surf advisory is in effect until sunday afternoon. much biggerwaves are expected to bring excitement to the coast. they're on their way for the maverick surf contest.
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many flying in tonight. they're ready for danger with rescue boats and jet kiss on stand by. >> the energy in the swell is going to be ferocious and we're going to see these guys put to the test. training, experience, wave knowledge, and ability. >> the county sheriff's department says the plan is to keep spectators away from the water. the beach where spectators were knocked down in 2010 is off limits. >> he's urging the city to hire outside consultants including the former los angeles police chief. protess toed sounding off at tuesday's meeting of the public safety committee. they argue that he will bring tactics to oakland. the mayor strongly supports hiring him but reaffirmed that racial profiling will not be tolerated in oakland. >> in the south bay, a who's who will gather tonight to
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honor moore. she retiring after 27 years at the department and two years as chief. moore says he decided to retire early when city leaders decided against put a half cents sales tax on the november ballot that would have helped fund the department. >> the president of the university of california is re- signing at the end of august. he is facing health issues. he was the head of the 10 campus system nearly five years ago. it featured dozen of campus protests followed by tuition hikes. he plans to teach law at uc berkley. >> a record number of applicants for undergraduate admission. 8.6% rise in applicants from last year for a totele of nearly 175,000. that includes fresh men and transfer students. they're seeing a surge in foreign applicants up 45% and for the first time latino students are the largest in state group applying for freshman spots at 32%.
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>> a federal overseer says it's too soon for california to retake control of the prison mental health system. last week you'll remember that governor brown argued our state has done enough to reform the system and should be allowed to resume control. today they said too many california inmates are still committing suicide and going without treatment for mental illness. the 609 page report was written before governor brown's proposal last week. new information tonight on the bar pilot involved in this month's crash of a oil tanker into a bridge. he was guiding that tanker january 7th when it hit one of the bridge piers. he had three other incidents in his 7 years on duty. that's the second worst record among the 15 local bar pilots. the pilot licensing agency is investigating. they are working with the coast guard and other agencies to compile all the information
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and make sure they have a full picture before they recommend to the board. >> the $3 million project should be done by early summer. following developing news here in san francisco, that's where a pedestrian was struck and killed tonight in the south market neighborhood. this accident happened on howard street. police tell us a woman was hit by two vehicles at 5:45 this evening. both cars did stop and officers are talking to the drivers. traffic is being diverted in the area right now. our crew at the scene is going to have more tonight on the 10:00 news at ktvu. an american has been found dead at a natural gas plant in algeria where they are holding hostages. it is now in the 4th day. a group linked to al qaeda took foreign workers captive and the algerian military has the plant surrounded. more than 20 people are still being held hostage and as many as 30 have died. workers at that plant come from
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the united states, britain and other western european countries. state officials say that california's jobless rate is holding steady. unemployment was unchanged at 9.8% in december. nearly 2 million were out of work last month. that's down 255,000 from one year ago. construction, information technology, education and health services were the biggest. take a look at what's happening in the bay area, all nine counts have unemployment rates lower than the state average. it's the lowest at 5.5%. san francisco at 6.5%. and santa clara at 7.5. it's the highest at 9.3%. solid earnings from dow components, general electric and morgan stanley helped stocks end higher. dow gained 53 points today. nasdaq lost 1. the dow and s&p 500 are sitting at five year highs. here's the course of the dow
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over the five year period from january of 2008 until now. stocks that finished higher three weeks running. this could be one of the worst flu seasons in several years. the good and the bad about this year's vaccine. >> too much work to be done. >> fans catch the 49ers last practice before heading to atlanta. why time is an ally for their star quarter back >> the bay area is in the clear tonight. the warmest day of the holiday weekend and when shower chances resurface on the five day forecast [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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an accident ended with a truck down a ditch and the driver in the hospital. for some reason the driver went off the road just after 9:00
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a.m. and the vehicle overturned. no other vehicles were involved. we're told the driver suffered moderate injuries. the state health department announced another flu death. this one as the flu continues to surge. the health and science editor today spoke with the top flu exbert about vaccine supplies. >> the flu is hitting the bay area hard. >> fever, sweating, cough, sinus problems. >> the state today upgraded the flu to widespread. >> the level of activity reported exceeds what will be expected for this time of the year. these may prove to be a more severe flu season. >> apparently more people are getting vaccinated. >> i ended up get a flu shot this year and i never had a flu shot before. >> health officials is a most of the flu this year is type a. specifically the more dangerous subtype h 3. fortunately that is the exact type in this
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year's flu vaccine. >> i missed the flu shot this year because when i went to get it they didn't have anymore. >> the state reports spot shortages of vaccine right now. nationwide there's 15 million in reserve. i called this cvs pharmacy in walnut creek out of vaccine last week. today a pharmacist said she did have some but expects to run out against this weekend. >> i'm not concerned enough to have taken the flu shot. >> they remind you that the vaccine protects not only you but vulnerable around you. >> he's the baby. so to see something like that happen to him i would be devastated. >> they're also reminding you to wash your hands and stay home if you're sick to help avoid what could be the most severe flu season in years. >> details here tcdc says the number of older people hospitalized with the flu has risen sharply. that's prompting federal officials to make more flu
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medicines available and they're urging people to get vaccinated. half of the confirmed cases are in people 65 years or older. president obama has been working hard on his inauguration address for monday. they are also getting ready for an expected crowd of 600 to 800,000 people. they handed out 250,000 tickets. the south bacon guess man gave out 200 tickets. he wanted ideas for improving country and the government. wagner has yet to grant them an interview in the drowning of his wife in 1981. her death was ruled accidental but a recent review lead the coroner to change the case to under determined noting that she had bruises on her body that could have happened before she went into the water. they interviewed more than 100
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people. boeing will stop delivering the 787 dream liner until it is fixed. it is assembled in washington and north charleston south carolina. they have to prove the batteries are safe. they are light weight but also flammable. san jose and oakland airports plan to get rid of full body scan tears show an imagine that looks like the passenger's naked body. the machines will be replaced by scanners that show a generic imagine of a person and not an actual x-ray of the passenger. it's also already in use at san francisco national airport. it comes after complaints bypass enjereds that says they violated their privacy. >> well, the 49ers should be arriving in atlanta tonight where they will tackle the falcons on sunday. before they left, she caught one the team and one very excited fan. >> once i get the close up. >> outside the 49ers practice
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field, rodriguez had his camera focused on a two inch gap in the fence. for fans like him, there was no opportunity too small to catch a glimpse of his favorite team. >> i was actually taking picture of the team, trying to get good snapshots of them to share it with my kids and say they're at the practice game. >> off the practice field team spirits were high. >> feels like our team is determined, focused and ready to get on the plane and get ready to play a football game. >> after last weekend's win against the packers, odds makers listed the niners as four point favorites over the falcons. coach jim harbaugh cautioned against overconfidence. >> we have been doing it by preparation and studying for the test. >> the same routine we always do. just in atlanta and not here. >> the quarter back broke an nfl record last weekend with 181 rushing yards in a single game. he says there's no time for nerves or anything else between
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now and sunday. >> i don't have time to stop and think right now. too much work to be done. >> in the shadow of the new 49ers stadium, the team packed up their did you haveel bags in the locker room and boarded the buses to the airport on the way to atlanta. >> coach harbaugh was asked about the possibility of playing against the baltimore ravens in the super bowl. his brother john is the head coach of that team but he says he hasn't spoken to his brother at all this week. a long line of fans waited outside today hoping to score a unique piece of 49er apparel. >> my son wanted a sweatshirt. so i am here for him. >> san jose designed a shirt in honor of the starting quarter back. he posted this photo of himself wearing that shirt and the shirt quickly sold out i. new shipment is set to arrive tomorrow. he has a connection to the store. the owner runs the at runs the
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tattoo shot where he gets his now famous ink. other players spoke at the news conference. just look at the tab at the top of the homepage. keep in mind ktvu has a full line up of coverage this sunday. starting at 9:30 a.m. with championship play book. kick off time is noon and following the game we'll be bringing you point after. >> some residents are celebrating another anniversary in the city is. this is the 23rd anniversary of the arrival of the sea lions. to mark the occasion, naturalists are leading free walking tour tats pier this holiday weekend. they begin from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. through monday. participants will get a coupon for half off the entrance fee and other discounts. >> an i con provided all the ingredients for a winning event. coming up his contribution to one school that may help cook
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today. this accident happened before 6:00 a.m. at river road. the highway patrol says a car hit a patch of black ice, spun around and then flipped over. the second car crashed into the first and a third car swerved to avoid both vehicles and ran off the road. despite that nobody was seriously hurt. this weekend is the one we have been waiting for. here's mark with very good news. >> right. we got the timing just right. if you like the sunshine and warmer temperatures, at least mild looking good for saturday, sunday and monday for the holiday weekend. of course the chilly overnight temperatures you'll notice them first thing tomorrow morning but first, though, here's a look from the highs today. you can see lot of 60s out there. san jose topped out and we are in the clear with mostly clear conditions. maybe a patch or two with fog. temperatures though, they are dropping off already this early friday evening. right now it's 43 degrees in fairfield. san francisco at 56 and half
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moon bay in the upper 40s at 48. forecast headlines for tonight, we have this. mostly clear skies, this weekend not too much change. patchy morning fog and frost but mild afternoon readings. we do bring in more cloud cover and just a slight chance of a few light showers. you'll see that coming up on the 5 day forecast. as far as overnight lows, once again, cold, upper 20s to 30 degrees. there is a possibility of black ice for it to resurface in the upland valleys. all set to watch out for that fog as well. low of 38 and san francisco about 40 degrees. here we are, we're all cold tomorrow morning at 7:00. those colors reflect the warm up. 50s, that links up with the 60s. lots of 60s in the forecast tomorrow. once again, overnight, patchy valley fog reforming. it will be a chilly start as we start out for your sad. high pressure continues to strengthen offshore pushing way up to the north.
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no rain clouds to worry about this weekend but we have to worry about this. a high surf advisory begins saturday morning we expecting bigger sets there. lots of 60s. not a big change from the reading we had today. san jose 65. here is a look ahead. your 5 day forecast with your weekend always in view. looking good for the holiday weekend. maybe a few explea clouds by tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. the celebrity chef was in his hometown of santa rosa to make a unique donation to a charity. he and his foundation donated the the awesome card to the team club. the club's culinary students will learn how to operate the cart as part of a program. he also donated $5,000 to the group to help remodel its
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training kitchen. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time the news breaks. our coverage continue with the 10:00 news. tonight a bay area town overrun with hippi e s. tmz is up next right here on tv 36 [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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